Monday, October 21, 2013

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace - Bangalore

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

My visit to the Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace was long due. Wiki Loves Monuments event gave me all the more reason to be there do that at the right time. This was the second destination of our Photowalk with the Bangalore Photowalk group on the weekend of 28th September. You can read about the first destination here.

The palace in itself is not as big as the one in Srirangapatna in Mysore. However, it should be noted that this was an 'abode of happiness' for the ruler Tipu Sultan who spent his summers in Bangalore. Built during the 18th Century by Hyder Ali and further maintained by Tipu Sultan during his regime, this two-storied wooden palace boasts of Indo-Islamic Architecture with the walls adorning the paintings and murals of the times and life of Tipu Sultan.

One unique feature: Only three colors have lent beauty to this palace - Red, Brown and Golden-yellow. Yes, and with the ample amount of lighting, the palace makes for an excellent photographic monument you would not want to miss. I spent almost 2 hours playing with the light and angles as you can see in some of the images below.

Location and how to get there:
Located centrally in the KR (Krishna Rajendra) Market area - Tipu Sultan's Summer palace is situated right across the Bangalore Fort and is easily accessible by the pulic transport (BMTC buses that ply to KR Market every 5-15 minutes from almost all parts of Bangalore for a charge of Rs 15-25 depending on the distance. One can also drive/ride to the place and can also use the auto-rickshaws for a charge of up to Rs 200.
The palace is open to the public on all days for an entrance fee of Rs.5 for locals and Rs.100 for foreigners.

Do visit my Flickr Photostream Tipu Sultan Summer Palace and Bangalore Fort for more and stay tuned as I continue to discover the Garden City - Bangalore!!


  1. Hi very informational blog post :) Tipu Sultan used to conduct the affairs of the state from the western and eastern balconies on the upper floor of Tipu sultan's summer palace. If you have love for history, then you should definitely visit this palace.

  2. Hello,
    It is really very well written and nice post about Tipu Sultan's summer palace. I am from vancouver and i am working in vancouver pr agency. Next month I will get holiday from my job for about one month, so I am thinking to visit India for my trip with my family.



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