Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wiki Loves Monuments and I Love Bangalore

Here's a peek into namma Bengaluru's heritage from my eye. This photowalk was conducted by the Bangalore Photowalk group in association with Wiki Loves Monuments - an international photo contest held by Wikipedia inviting photo entries of monuments representing the country's cultural heritage. It was fun experimenting different angles & compositions at Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace and Bangalore Fort with my 18-55mm lens, enjoyed post-processing (for once), adding dramatic layers to some of the images.  Above all, it was a fascinating experience exploring the lesser explored Bangalore.

Miniature postcards of Bangalore Fort  - Click on them to view enlarged images

Bangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore Fort
Bangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore Fort
Bangalore FortBangalore FortBangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort
Location and how to get there:
Located centrally in the KR (Krishna Rajendra) Market area  - Bangalore Fort is easily accessible by plethora of public BMTC buses that ply to KR Market every 5-15 minutes from almost all parts of Bangalore for a charge of Rs 15-25 depending on the distance. One can easily drive/ride to the place and can also use the Auto-rickshaws for a charge of anywhere up to Rs.200.

The fort is open to public on all the days. Oh and there is no entry fee!

Originally built by Kempe Gowda (the founder of Bangalore) in the 16th Century, Bangalore Fort was further strengthened by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan (the Muslim rulers in South Indian history of Mysore during 18th Century). With the British's conquest of Bangalore, the fort was gradually dismantled in parts to make way for roads and infrastructure and what remains now is only the Delhi Gate of the fort and is preserved and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Personal favorite images from the Photowalk:
1. The Fort Gate- Took me back to the good old doordarshan days when they would air the historical drama- The Sword of Tipu Sultan, and I used to be so fascinated by the grandeur of  the forts, the armed gates, the army, the costumes, the drama and above all, the very handsome and chivalrous ruler Tipu Sultan. Nostalgic!!
2. The cycle with a fort wall in the background - I've always wanted to shoot a similar composition but in Rajasthan. Little did I know my dream would come true in namma Bengaluru itself. But that does not stop me from visiting Rajasthan someday ;)
3. The intricate designs carved on the Fort walls
4. The Fort in itself with a lush green lawn in the foreground and lovely blue sky at the background.
5. The 16th century Ganesha Temple inside the Fort - unique architectural style that you would not normally find in Bangalore.

Everything about this Photowalk was a fabulous experience uncovering the past. If you're a history buff and are in Bangalore, you should definitely not miss this one.

You will learn about the second destination of the PhotoWalk - Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace -  in my next blog post. Stay tuned!



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