Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 in Retrospect

Whattup!! The greatest month of the year has begun and before I'd realize, 2013 will whiz by!

I love December for many reasons:
  • Bangalore's Winter
  • Holiday Season
  • Season of Cakes
  • Season of gifts, love and more
  • More importantly, it ends the year to give way to a New beginning - New dreams New hopes New plans New resolutions and New memories
2013 has been quite fulfilling personally, professionally and blog'ally :D.  So before I call it a wrap, here's reminiscing the year that was.
  • Ushered into the new year with a photowalk in LalBagh
  • Was crazy busy but still managed to blog now and then
  • Attended the first ever Comic Con event in Bangalore and was super thrilled strolling about in a batman's mask :P
  • My Photograph was exhibited at the Bangalore's first ever Bangalore 360° - A Photo Carnival
  • Was taken by surprise when the local news channel reported the Bangalore 360 Photo Carnival by reading out the exact same lines from my blog post! Ahem! Here's the video
  • Wrote a movie review. My first!
  • Compiled my idea of Simple Pleasures of life
  • Got featured on Mashable twice in one year! One of the 9 stunning shots taken after dark and one of the 11 food photos that will take your taste buds for a ride
  • Trekked 10Km+12 Rail tunnels to the Dudh Sagar Waterfalls in Goa with the Snapstors and returned with a wrecked body tired mind and a happy soul
  • Stood in the overnight loooong queue and managed to buy the tatkal Indian Railway tickets to Goa with the Snapstors - my first time!
  • Attended a photography workshop
  • Traveled to Malaysia and fell in love with the country here here here and everywhere
  • Went on my first ever Ramadan Walk to the food street aka Mosque Street in Bangalore - one of the captures won me a feature on Mashable
  • Toured Lepakshi and Nandi Hills with the Snapstors - my first time with the awesome gang
  • Explored the unexplored Bangalore's heritage here and here
  • Got Instagram'd
  • Read 10 books out of the 2013 Reading Challenge of 20 books on goodreads
  • Made delicious Cashew Pistachio Roll - Diwali delights!
  • 5978 Characters I 1358 Words I  29 Paragraphs I 9 Persian Cats I 2 Individuals I 1 Platinum Day of Love - Penned My first Short Story. Yayness
  • Felt awesome when my Malaysia Diaries blogposts were found to be very useful to an acquaintance to plan their trip
  • Managed a decent collection of Mobile Photography this year. Oh I also have a collection of B&W photography now. Yay me
  • Attempted a close-up shot of the Supermoon - the brightest biggest full moon of the year
  • Watched unlimited weekend Marathons of TBBT, HIMYM and FRIENDS
  • The loads of family time, the few cooking adventures, the movie trips, the time spent with cats and nature, the rain, the good books, some bad books, the green tea, ok I will stop.
  • Shoppinnnngggggg - Online included :P
  • Met amazing people all along and made some great friends for keeps :) Oh did I say there were also some 'All talk no stuff ' people too?! ;-)
  • Drew great inspiration from here
  • Made a life-changing career decision - let that stay outta the blog ;-)
I guess I should stop here before the list goes on. This certainly does not mean it was a perfect year with only great things happening. I had my share of bad days too which I choose not to rant here coz it's time to spread & share happiness and joy.

Life is looking up again. The crazy randomness, the excitement, the looking forward to something... Period.

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