Monday, September 9, 2013

Monsoon Memories

Give wings to your thoughts this monsoon - If I remember, this was a blogging contest at work a few years ago and a curious me wanting to be on top of every contest did not wanted to miss this opportunity as well. And now looking back - it seems like I was over-enthused but nevertheless ;-)

Why this now? As I began gathering memories of 'the office' with the ensuing D day at work - I had to save this post at some place before it would be discarded for good. So here it is.

Monsoon Memories
"The very thought of monsoon makes me nostalgic. I love this season more than any. I mean who does not enjoy watching rain from your balcony with hot coffee, hot bajjis and hot masala bhutta? (ok, not always). 
I can watch it rain eternally and aimlessly often tempted enough to feel the droplets falling right on my face from heaven and the scent of rain mesmerizing enough to not to ignore.

 As a kid, I remember making paper boats and sailing them in the rain puddle formed outside the house. All the neighborhood kids would make their little boats and compete with each other and the last sinking boat will be declared the winner. Innocent were we? Wish I could get back to doing something like that now. I still remember our departure from a trip to Ooty last year with friends. I wished for rains throughout the trip but was only disappointed. And when we started for Bangalore in the late afternoon, I saw my wish coming true. Watching the downpour in the ghat area was simply spectacular. We asked the driver to stop the bus and went running down the ghats. My passion for photography made me take some photos of the sight. We then resumed our journey but hold on, for our bus broke down - a blessing in disguise and we became kids again.

Come to talk about an experience I will never forget. This happened a few years ago - there was this job interview I was called for and I was very determined to bag the job. Thanks to the heavy downpour and the wet roads causing heavy traffic jam, I ended up reaching the venue late by almost 2 hours and almost completely drenched. As expected, I was asked to return the next day for it was too late. One can imagine how much I hated rains that day. Call it good luck, I got a call that same evening for an interview with a reputed organization and the rest is history. Yes, I am here in one of the best organizations I could have ever imagined, meeting some smart people, mentors, colleagues, and some lovely people who are friends for life now "

Sweet innit? Now how much of that is true and who won the contest you ain't not know ;-)

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