Friday, August 23, 2013


     And my crazy ass-schedule days are back with NotAMinuteToSpare! I wonder what will happen of me if and when I will have nothing to do. Duh, that will never happen - there is so much to do, I will be on my toes forever.

In the midst of my super hectic schedule, I happened to stumble upon an instagram profile of a certain photog - Rose, a creative director at an ad agency in Toronto. The profile's sole and unique aim is to portray a splash of colors from different walks of life captured beautifully by Rose - all on her iPhone! Clearly, an excellent example of how you do not need the fancy high-end cameras to bring beautiful and vibrant perspectives to life. I love the attention to the details that breaks the monotony in an otherwise vibrant splash of colors that can prove to be blinding. Do check out the link to see it for yourself.

In the meantime, I have been dying to complete a DIY project themed around monsoon - if only it rains when I am not at work/stuck in the middle of a stagnant road traffic - sigh. If you're lucky enough, you'd see a post on it before the rains disappear this year ;-)

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