Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For the love of Mashable

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As an avid follower of Mashable, this blog post was mandatory!! (albeit a bit late)

My obsession with Mashable began about 5 years ago when it was (it still is) the leading 'niche' blog for Social Media and Technology news, which has now grown into a full-fledged news site in the past couple of years. There were debates and criticisms around how Mashable is losing it's originality and is shifting focus in a desperate attempt to garner more followers, but in the process is losing some subject matter experts who had turned to Mashable for one-stop shop Tech news. But lets give it to them, they are a business who very well know how to keep it on the top of the game with a huge base of followers worldwide (the stats in the picture above speaks for itself). Also, news on a wide variety of other topics is an icing on the cake for me. They play it really well and it reflects in how every post goes viral within minutes of posting.

What I love about Mashable:

1. They keep it really simple. Be it in the design and layout of the site, the colors used in the website, ease of navigation and sharing, the fact-based crisp and to-the-point content that they bring to the people in a language that everyone understands.

2. Social Media Social Media and more Social Media plus Tech news. It is my one-stop shop for valuable and up-to-date Tech Social media news ever since I have developed a keen interest in this arena. No single day passes without having atleast glanced through the site. My only other addiction after green-tea. So much so that I could not help browse the app at a cousin's boring wedding recently (I am hoping he does not read my blog :-))

3. The new sections including Business (Advertising & Marketing to be specific), Entertainment, Lifestyle and Watercooler (enlightens one on new trends/tricks of the business world, lifestyle, travel, oh and also the memes and comic sections that I usually look out for).

4. The articles that have a memorable effect like the 'Top 10 reasons for...', '12 best..', '10 gadgets... ', and some of the whacky, bizarre and hilarious pieces of stories you will never forget.

5. Lastly, one of my favorite sections is the weekly mashable photo challenge that invites readers from worldwide to submit theme based entries and a guest curator will judge the top 10-20 best photos that will be featured on Mashable. I had two of my mashable moments from my various attempts at making it to the top 10.

To conclude, I'd only say - More power to them!! 

                            With love, Mashable fan-girl :-)

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