Sunday, June 30, 2013

Simple pleasures of life

Different little things mean different to different people differently in different little ways. That makes it 5 differents and 2 littles? The idea is not to confuse you. I am just fighting writer's block but so want to ramble. Lately, I am having the hardest time putting my thoughts together and so chose a simple topic - Simple pleasures of life that I and most of you cherish everyday. In no particular order, here they go:

1. Waking up to a pleasant weekend morning and making spontaneous plans for the rest of the day
2. Watching the moon travel with you from work to home
3. A cuppa green tea
4. Wearing a favorite outfit to work and look forward to being complimented ;-)
5. Chopping off an item from the to-do list/bucket list
6. Hearing the right song at the right moment co-incidentally
7. Having a good laugh with friends
8. A good dream
9. Visiting the adorable cats at the Magazine Store
10. When someone appreciates your creativity
11. Watching it rain; and the smell of the rain
12. Having such a good time with someone that will make you lose track of time
13. Hot sweet corn soup on a cold day
14. Hazelnut Cappuccino and a walk down the lane
15. The first sip of water after finishing a gooseberry
16. Reading a good book on a rainy day
17. The Blue Sky lifting your mood up
17. Long drives
18. A good hair cut
19. A good movie
20. Ice-creams
21. Hugs
22. Pampering yourself at the saloon
23. The planning of a vacation and all the excitement around it. And the vacation in itself!!
24. Clothes and shoes that allow you to be comfortable yet stylish
25. Receiving a text/buzz from someone you were just thinking about
26. Cooking a meal for the family and the huge relief when everyone/most of them like it
27. Retail Therapy
28. A lunch outside especially on a friday
29. The very fact that it is friday
30. Smiling to yourself when you remember something funny/pleasant/silly
31. Reminiscing good old memories through the pictures
32. When your favorite store has a sale :D
33. Completing a DIY project
34. When you try a new recipe and the dish turns out delicious
35. The season of Ramadan
36. The Christmas season
37. A good Yoga session to start your day with.
38. Staring aimlessly at the city skylines and the architecture
39. Sunsets
40. Getting a hair massage
41. Watching the episodes of Friends/Big Bang Theory/How I met your mother/ repeatedly when you just want to laze around at home
42. Dipping your feet in the water by the beach/swimming pool
43. Finding the perfect gift for someone
44. When you have to use a public toilet and finding it to be really clean and hygienic
45. Yummy masala chats in the evening
46. When a li'l kiddo tries to copy you
47. City lights at night
48. Finding out that someone does the same weird things that you do
49. The feel-good factor on the days when you wear your eye-make up :D
50. Taking a perfect picture
51. Scented candles
52. People who smell good
53. The look of a room after you clean it
54. When the week goes by really fast
55. When someone tells that you have a lovely smile
56. When you and your friend say the same thing at the same time - has happened like a zillion of times
57. Being in a good mood for no particular reason
58. When the cricket team you're rooting for - wins
59. Gossiping with the best friends
60. The feeling of being loved and cared for
61. Driving on an empty road
62. The planning of events at work/home
63. Volunteering at events
64. The great feeling when you're rewarded for your creativity
65. When your dreams come true
66. When you don't have to wear your spectacles
67. Reading the Sunday morning newspaper in leisure
68. Sleeping on the cold side of the pillow
69. Snapping a picture at the right moment
70. Getting lost in a book store
71. Going on a photowalk
72. Stumbling upon an interesting blog and reading ALL the posts like there is no tomorrow
73. The lots of family time
74. The twitter/FB time when you're commuting to and from work everyday
75. Making a fulfilling conversation
76. When you hear a very old song and you're surprised at yourself remembering every line of it
77. Reading what your zodiac sign has in store for you on new year
78. When you get a window seat while traveling
79. The chole baturas, the masala dosas and the pizzas
80. The moti choor laddus, the kaju barfis, the pastries and the brownies
81. Biryani, the chicken kababs and the yummy sea food
82. The cooking and clicking
83. Stumbling upon the right quote at the right time
84. The water cooler moments at work
85. Moonlight - there's surely something about the moonlight
86. The feeling of being blessed
87. Coming back from a long and tiring day to hot and home-cooked food
88. The saving up of money throughout to splurge on that one big thing
89. Packing
90. Making new year resolutions and accomplishing them successfully
91. Exploring markets, fairs and exhibitions
92. Spring season and plenty of colorful Tabebuia blooming in the city
93. Catching some new movie releases at the cheapest yet happening theatre in the centre of the city
94. The Baristas and the Mc'Ds'
95. The amazing feeling of how internet and technology keeps you informed and connected
96. Catching up with the best friend by squeezing time from your busy work schedule
97. Catching up with the good old friends who fly down and make time just to meet you
98. Keeping yourself organized
99. Getting really excited about every little thing in life and believing that's what makes life interesting
100.I can go on and on but let me stop here for now - rounding this list off to 100! Phew!! I am happy! :o)

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