Friday, May 24, 2013

Bombay Talkies

     Writing this post purely for the love of bollywood which only continues to prove it has come of age. Bombay Talkies is perhaps over-hyped; yet breathes bollywood fully in all the four collection of stories kneaded into this movie directed by four brilliant contemporaries popular for making movies in the commercial to offbeat genres.

The highlight of the first story directed by Karan Johar is rather an unconventional take at the complexity of relationships and the fear of expressing one's sexuality. Loved the cheesy one liners the gay intern uses to impress upon his boss. Aptly titled 'Ajeeb dastan hai yeh', my favorite part of this movie was the little girl singing 'Ajeeb dastan hai yeh, kahah shuru kahan khatam' - an all-time favorite track.

The second feature created by Dibakar Banerjee portrays a temp/struggling actor played by the brilliant Nawazuddin Siddiqui who breathes eats and sleeps cinema and tries to keep his bedridden daughter entertained with stories from Hindi cinema not knowing that one day he would end up sharing space with a superstar in a movie scene that does not even last a few seconds. Thrilled by this lifetime achievement, he runs home to narrate the event to his daughter. Nawazuddin's act of the narration is so poignant that it almost leaves your eyes moist :)

The third one by Zoya Aktar is a depiction of an innocent little boy's dream to become Katrina Kaif while his dad aspires to make him a footballer. Yes you read that right!! We all wish to become something someday but how many of us dare to express our dreams? Watch this to relate to the feeling.

The last section 'Murabba' by Anurag Kashyap is a hilarious take at the journey of a son from a small town in UP who is on his way to fulfill his father's dying wish. And you want to know what the wish is? - That the Big B of Bollywood Amitabh Bachan bites into a piece of Murabba (sweet pickle) and leaves the rest half of the pickle to the ailing father.

Thus, the movie is all about your 'connect' with the apna Bombay Talkies aka hindi cinema. A lovely tribute.

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