Saturday, March 23, 2013

Work work work work work and more work!!

Are you alive? A question my friends/colleagues have been asking me these days. I have no time to eat, not enough time to sleep, I have forgotten what weekends are, I have not spoken to my friends in the last few weeks, I have no time for water-cooler moments at work, I do not know what the world has been upto in the last few days, no time for news articles, blogs, facebook, twitter, I had not read newspaper until this morning, I am always rushing - rushing from home to work - work to home for calls/meetings/deadlines, I do not have time for my green tea, I am lost, exhausted, frustrated, irritated, bogged down, boy - I am in a mess!!

So what changed my world you would ask? WORK WAS NEVER THIS CRAZY!! I got a new demanding job and a difficult boss at that.

Can I complain enough?!

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